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Share of Search Charts: Where Did You Rank in Your Industry? 

Curious to know how consumers were engaging with your brand (and your competitors) during one of the biggest sporting events of the year? 
EDO scored all Super Bowl LVIII ad airings from pre-kick to post-game to identify the top-performing spots across major categories including Alcohol, Automotive, Entertainment, and Dessert & Candy.

EDO's analysis is based on ad effectiveness, as measured by how much online engagement a brand or product generates in the minutes following every ad's airing. The data highlights which brands generated the most engagement from their Super Bowl LVIII ads relative to category peers.


For more Super Bowl LVIII insights, check out EDO's full ranking of top-performing Super Bowl ads during the Big Game.


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EDO's share of search charts tell you how effectively your Super Bowl ad drove consumer engagement — compared to peers in your industry. This measurement reflects how successfully your ad moved consumers from awareness to intent, that magic moment that is highly predictive of future sales.

Our charts cover a wide range of industries, including Alcohol, Automotive, Entertainment, and Dessert & Candy.

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