Travel TV Performance Report

Travel TV Performance Report

The Covid-19 pandemic forced major ebbs and flows in consumer interest to travel – but online engagement driven by the industry’s TV ads is up 47% in the last year, according to an EDO Travel TV Performance Report. 

The just-released report underscores the industry’s rebound from July 2022 to June 2023 as more people reclaim their wanderlust, including: 

  • Top TV advertisers by ad effectiveness across categories including Air Travel, Hotels & Resorts, Cruise Lines, Travel Services & Websites, and Car Rental & Sharing
  • The primetime programs and networks most likely to drive ad engagement for Travel advertisers
  • Monthly Engagement Volume trends that detail when consumers were most engaged with travel ads in the last year
  • How Travel advertisers can leverage predictive, outcome-based data to drive more effective campaigns
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