NFL TV Outcomes Report 2022-2023 Season

The EDO NFL TV Outcomes Report: 2022-23 Season

Planning and optimizing your NFL media investments has never been more essential. Download EDO's latest TV Outcomes report — and receive your brand's FREE NFL media consultation. 

EDO analyzed every Convergent TV ad that ran during linear and streaming 2022-23 NFL programming. The report reveals:

  • The season’s most impactful matchups for advertisers and brands investing most effectively in NFL
  • Engagement highlights from Thursday Night Football on Prime Video's debut season and Spanish-language NFL programming
  • Granular analysis of TV ad engagement data across nine categories: Alcohol, Luxury Automotive, Non-luxury Automotive, CPG Food & Beverage, CPG Personal & Home, Financial Services, Insurance, Restaurants, and Retail.
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EDO is the TV outcomes company—a leading Convergent TV measurement platform focused on predictive outcomes behaviors. By combining real-time engagement signals with world-class decision science, EDO data maximizes creative and media performance. Leading brands, agencies, and networks/streamers rely on EDO's investment-grade data to connect advertising to business results with detailed competitive, category, historical, and predictive intelligence.