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Are your TV campaigns red-carpet ready? 

Now that we all know who won this year's Oscars, are you ready to know who the big brand winners were (and why)?
Learn how to make your Convergent TV campaigns award-show ready - especially with the Upfronts right around the corner, when your ad is on the line.
With EDO, you'll gain access to real-time TV performance insights. Know what works not just for your brand's TV campaigns, but all of your competition. Book your free demo or consultation today and unlock unparalleled TV outcomes intelligence.
You'll also learn who the Oscars' big brand winners were. EDO scored the top ad airings from the 2023 Oscars to identify the best performers - as measured by how much online engagement each brand or product drove in the minutes following an ad airing. Go deeper and book your demo today.


About EDO

EDO, Inc. is the TV outcomes company — a leading platform measuring predictive behaviors driven by Convergent TV advertising. By combining real-time engagement signals with world-class decision science, EDO data maximizes creative and media performance. We work with modern marketers at leading brands, TV networks, entertainment studios, and ad agencies. EDO's investment-grade data align advertising investments to business results - with detailed competitive, category, historical, and predictive intelligence. For industry intel, success stories, and top ads, visit