Planning to get in the game at the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics?

Planning to get in the game at the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics?
EDO's Olympics TV Outcomes Report has all the insights you need to take your brand to the winner’s podium.

By analyzing every single national TV ad during the past two Olympic Games, we’ve uncovered the media and creative tactics that really move the needle during crunch time. When you read our report, you’ll learn which networks, dayparts, Olympics events, ad durations, and creative frequencies are most effective at generating the immediate consumer engagements that are proven predictors of future business success. 

The EDO Olympics TV Outcomes Report covers:
  • Which brands in your category have generated the most engagement during the most recent Olympics
  • Why investing heavily in women’s events could be your ticket to a gold-medal performance
  • How many times you should air your creative during an Olympics programming window for best results
  • How Olympics ad performance varies by network and daypart

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For decades, marketers have relied on traditional ratings and survey-based research for incomplete TV measurement. What they were always missing is a predictive and sensitive approach to measurement — one that connects the dots between the TV ads people see and what they do online afterward.

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About EDO

EDO is the TV outcomes company—a leading Convergent TV measurement platform focused on predictive outcomes behaviors. By combining real-time engagement signals with world-class decision science, EDO data maximizes creative and media performance. Leading brands, agencies, and networks/streamers rely on EDO's investment-grade data to connect advertising to business results with detailed competitive, category, historical, and predictive intelligence.

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