EDO White Paper: It’s time to address your TV creative blind spot

Traditional in-market creative surveys can be problematic. Usually poorly timed and featuring small samples, they are not reliably predictive of consumer behavior. New research from EDO demonstrates a better approach using real-time behavioral signals.

EDO’s latest whitepaper proves that brands can achieve 5-20% ROI improvements over a campaign duration — driving more from their creative portfolio — using a new decision science approach to creative optimization.

This one-of-a-kind research compares 2,400 creative pre-market data points with in-market behavioral metrics, revealing that despite identifying poor creatives, pre-market surveys inadvertently screen out the best creatives. But, by leveraging decision science with real-time signals, brands can optimize creative rotations within existing ad buys, and understand when to retire poor-performing creatives — driving greater business performance from their media investments.